Who We Are

We are a banking leader with a strong presence in 11 countries and a large network of experts who offer top-of-the-line services and products.

With over 7,000 employees, we are a proud equal opportunity employer gathering talented staff members from diverse backgrounds and the Largest Employer in the Lebanese private sector.

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  • 2007
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  • 2017

Our competent workforce and organizational culture, built on solid values have made Bank Audi what it is today and are at the heart of our success.

Our Values

We believe in:

  • 1
    Transact with integrity and communicate openly with all stakeholders
  • 2
    Promote diversity, provide equal opportunity, reward talent and value teamwork
  • 3
    Perpetuate our reputation and strong past and continue to embrace the challenges of change
  • 4
    Strive to maintain customer satisfaction in everything
    we do
  • 5
    Be good citizens in the communities in which we live and work
  • 6
    Encourage creativity and optimize the use of technology
To support our ambitious growth objectives, we seek ambition itself: talented individuals with the right skills and experience to make a real difference within our various lines of business. We look for advanced communication, team work, customer focus, risk awareness and compliance skills as well as a strong drive for performance and self-development.

Our Presence

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Bank Audi France sa
Bank Audi (Iraq Branches)
Bank Audi sal – Abu Dhabi Representative Office
Bank Audi sal - Jordan Branches
Bank Audi sal - Lebanon
Audi Capital (KSA) cjsc
Bank Audi sae
Banque Audi (Suisse) sa
Audi Capital Gestion sam

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bank Audi, we believe it is important to uphold sustainable business practices and manage Corporate Responsibility in everyday business to make an impact when it comes to:

Economic Development:

Our initiatives create value for our stakeholders granting them access to our products and services through a large branch and ATM network. We also help local businesses grow and expand by providing subsidized loans and tailored solutions.

Corporate Governance:

We are committed to strong corporate governance by promoting a compliance culture and control mechanisms, while maintaining trustful relationships with our stakeholders.

Human Development:

We develop our employees’ knowledge and skills and boost their potential through continuous trainings and opportunities for advancement to further their careers. We also support the Lebanese youth through scholarships and competitive loans to pursue their studies.

Environment Protection:

We raise environmental awareness and take relevant initiatives while supporting businesses that invest in environmental projects through sponsorships and loans at preferential rates.

Community Development:

To help build stronger communities, we fund health, humanitarian, culture, sports and social projects as well as partner with charities and various organizations. We also contribute to children’s development by organizing activities and providing trainings, while encouraging our employees to volunteer in philanthropic initiatives.